Every year, high school seniors receive the exciting news that they have been accepted into the incoming freshman class at FSU. But then reality hits home. “How am I going to pay for the cost of my education?" This question is asked repeatedly by incoming freshmen, undergraduates trying to stay in school, and graduate students looking to further their education.

Creating an endowed scholarship is a great way to provide a growing number of these deserving students with the financial resources necessary to reach their academic dreams, and begin pursuing exciting careers. The minimum gift required to create an endowed scholarship is $50,000, which can be paid over a period of five (5) years.

You can also help fund a student’s education without creating a new scholarship by supporting one of our existing student scholarships. Please check out some of our current funds.

Whether starting a new scholarship, or helping grow an existing scholarship, our development staff is ready to help you find the best way to help make CCI an affordable option for a growing number of students.

Contact Mafe Brooks to learn more about endowed scholarships.


Mafé Brooks

Director of Development

Phone: (850) 645-8312