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When you give to where your passion or interest lies, you help create a circle of support and momentum that creates a ripple effect in the life of students and faculty. Your generosity's impact goes way beyond campus into the local community and out into the world. You make a difference that makes a fundamental change in the world!

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Interim Dean McDowell

My experience is a testament to the difference higher education makes, and I am not alone in this. Students and alumni tell me that specific faculty members and staff members have changed their lives and opened up new ideas and pathways. These connections stick with us and provide touchpoints throughout our lives. Your gift builds opportunities for life-changing experiences and relationships for students. It makes a positive difference for individuals and our community.

Stephen McDowell
Assistant Provost, John H. Phipps Professor of Communication, Interim Dean, CCI

I'm proud to be part of CCI and lead its development efforts. The support received from our generous donors allows deserving students the ability to reach new heights. I witnessed many success stories stemming from the financial support that motivated students to continue their hard work in class and beyond.

Mafe Brooks.
(Director of Development)

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Student Impact Stories

The College of Communication and Information at Florida State University aims to support all students regardless of their background and mold them into better individuals that contribute to a better tomorrow. Our students drive innovation and advanced research every day through the support of our faculty and staff, which supports students' visions and become a reality. Providing them with the financial support they need in their respective areas gives them the chance to become the bright stars of your future. No matter how much you give, every gift counts!

“I want to thank you for donating the funds for this scholarship. This scholarship meant a lot to me because it meant I could continue my education at Florida State. I thoroughly enjoy the classes I am taking right now as an advertising student, and I have big plans post-graduation. My undergraduate career is a stepping stone for what I want to achieve in life. These funds motivate me to continue to work hard and maintain my GPA. Being a part of the CCI family has supported me throughout my educational journey. I am lucky to always rely on professors and advisors for guidance throughout my educational journey. Again, thank you for supporting me in my academic journey.”
"First, I want to thank you for the scholarship. Your generosity helped me in a multitude of ways. Knowing that someone out there besides just my parents believes in me and wants to support me in my journey is really touching and appreciated. In today's crazy world, people like you who give others something mean something. We often get caught up in the day-to-day rat race, and gestures like this make you stop and be thankful for others' kindness and generosity. Being a part of CCI has made an impact on me. As a prior military member, I look for camaraderie in what I spend my time on. I am glad that I am part of the CCI and iSchool, as the professors and people like you have shown me that we can make it work for all of us by sticking together."
"I am very thankful to Bill and Eloise Mills for their generosity. Their scholarship meant more than they could ever know. It took a load off of my shoulders and made me worry less about money for school. As a student it allowed me to continue to flourish. Receiving this scholarship inspired me and really helped me understand my full potential. Receiving the Bill and Eloise Mills Scholarship in Communication has been one of the highlights of my time at Florida State University and I could not be more grateful. "

Meet Our Donors


Mafé Brooks

Director of Development

Phone: (850) 645-8312