Creating Library Internships

Finding a job in today’s economic climate requires both a strong academic background and real world hands-on experience in your chosen profession.

GoldsteinGAsEditedStudents in the School of Information  have a very wide range of opportunities to practice their profession in the many excellent libraries throughout the FSU campus including the shining star of the College, The Goldstein Library.  Our goal is to provide as many of these exceptional experiences as possible and at the same time improve the scope and quality of library services for FSU’s students, faculty and staff.  To make these opportunities available to more, we need to find ways to help support these students while they work in FSU’s libraries.

Our ability to provide these opportunities is limited by two factors – the College’s ability to cover the students tuition costs (which is required by the University when we hire our own students) and the Libraries ability to cover the student’s salary (which is dictated by our contract with graduate students).

As a result, students’ options in working in a university library are very limited.  This limitation is even more severe if a student wishes to work in a specialty library, such as medicine or music.

With your financial support we can insure that a student’s opportunity to gain career preparing experiences in the university’s libraries is always available.  Please make a gift today to the CCI Library Internship Fund.