Inaugural Donor Roll

Thank you to our Giving Society donors for their gifts of $250+ during FY 19 (July 1, 2018 - June 30,2019).


$5,000 and above

Susan Belias
John and Catherine Cook
Lawrence and Elaine Dennis
Joy Fields
Marion and Kyle Hargett
Eloise Mills
Martin Mills
William and Alecia Mills
John and Karan Rains
Louis and Mariana Taormina
Katrina Torres
Paul and Joy Weaver


$2,000 and above

Kenneth Cerniglia and Adrien Lanusse
Mark Claiborne
Curtis and Jo Ellen Falany
Christina Kruger-Gruendyke and Robert Gruendyke
Ronald and Jamie Rule
Betty Shaw
Liberty Taylor and Stephen MacNamara
Elizabeth Tracy


$1,000 and above

Louis and Mafe Brooks
George and Robin Cavallaro
Mary and Gary Heald
Pamela and Christopher Nugent
Claude Pichard
Jennifer Proffitt
Martha Sinclair
Martin Sung
Phyllis and Cyrus Underwood
Charles and Angie Van Diver
Marilyn Young and Michael Launer


$500 and above

December Baker
Eric Bederman
Tom and Laura Block
John and Pamela Burns
Lynn Caldwell
David Covington and Mary Jane Little
Sonja and Douglas Eiland
Paul Faust
Jonathan Fry
Robert Galford
Timothy Giordano
Tom and Cathie Herndon
Dean Hewes
Howard Kanner
Sally Karioth
Jonathan Lloyd
Debra and Charles McCambridge
Rosemary McCorkle
Ashley Patterson
Kathleen Peiffer
Carolyn and Roger Raepple
Joseph and Sabrina Snowden
Richard and Linda Swaine
Terry and Jennifer Vaughan
Randall and Kelly Alvarez Vitale
Mark Zeigler


$250 and above

Samuel and Cynthia Ambrose
John and Constance Bissett
Dave Bright
Benjamin and Joanne Brown
Jenifer and William Burnham
William Burnham
Christine Carroll
Thomas and Laura Cloud
Eddie and Shantella Cooper
Chloe Crawford
James and Theresa Croteau
Sophia Danvers and Ricardo Aarons
William Davis
William Duff
Virginia Farrens
Robert and Liana Fox
Alyson and Henry Gonzalez
Glenn and Cynthia Greenspan
Zachary Heng
John and Kathleen Hoctor
Rebekah Jahna and Ronald Johnson
Christine Jenkins
Eric Johnson
Rosemary and John Kabacinski
Janet and Charles Kahn
Linda and Bruce Kallner
Diana and Gary Kase
Janet Loveless
George Luoma
Justin and Susanne Maierhofer
Daniel Markus
Letha and Tim McCarthy
James McCormick
Roy McDonald
Virginia McDonald
Stephen and Jeannie McDowell
Nancy and Richard McKay
Douglas and Carole Meuser
Dorothy Minor
Zoheb Nensey
Marina Noreck
David Norrell
Sacha Orenstein
Kerry Peluso
Eduardo Perez
Shayla Perry
Norma Ragsdale
George Reynolds
Aaron and Melanie Rowe
Sandra and Daniel Rozenblum
Steven Seay
Gayle and Curtis Smith
Richard Templin and Grace Frances
Jay and Jancie Ter Louw
Glen Torbert
Donna Tunsoy
John and Deborah Van Berkel
Christopher White
Charles and Lydia Williams
Nicholas and Lydia Wilson
Bonnie and M F. Wright